The Global Land Cover Facility participated in the Paraguayan Forests benefit, hosted by the World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC, on May 14, 2003. The primary focus of the evening was support for the conservation of Paraguay's Atlantic Forest. The Deforestation Mapping Group (DMG) project at the GLCF has produced a deforestation product for Paraguay, based on Landsat imagery. For further information regarding the Paraguay deforestation product, or similar products, please contact the DMG

John Musinsky (Conservation International) reviewing the GLCF display.

We were fortunate to have the Paraguayan Ambassador, her excellency, Leila Rachid de Cowles, visit the GLCF display and engage our DMG leader, Alice Altstatt, in a discussion about the DMG products and what they reflect about the Paraguayan environment. The Ambassador was also appreciative of the collaboration between GLCF/DMG and Guyra Paraguay and appeared eager that we continue this effort.

Alice Altstatt (GLCF/DMG) and the Paraguayan Ambassador, discussing the deforestation products.
Click here to see more pictures of the Ambassador and others at the GLCF display.

Two posters displaying the DMG methodology and results are available for download. The double-sided handout that also explains DMG methodology and results is available for download. Additionally, the movie showing Landsat imagery over a protected area, as well as photos of the Paraguayan forest and agriculture landscapes, are available for download. Please consider the sources when using these materials, and applying due credit with further dissemination.

People reviewing and discussing the GLCF exhibit.

A highlight of the evening was a performance by a group of Paraguayan bottle dancers. The lead performer actually danced with five bottles stacked on her head! Hopefully, this performance, a comprehensive arts &crafts auction, speeches and some GLCF display provided some assistance in making the night a success for the World Wildlife Fund and Paraguayan conservation.

The lead Paraguayan bottle dancer and Alice Altstatt.
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